S’porean comedian Kumar reveals to be parent to 30-year-old man for past 11 years

Singaporean comedian Kumar has made many in Singapore crease with his witty sociopolitical jokes on stage.

Now, he is moving Singaporeans and making us shed a tear or two by giving a peek into his life offstage, through an interview with local digital video publisher Our Grandfather Story (OGS) at his humble abode.

Parent to a 30-year-old man

Kumar opened up and revealed that he has been a parent to a man named Sathin for the past decade or so.

This was probably a fact that few people knew about Kumar, who said, “I’m a very private person, very reserved, so people don’t know I’m a parent to a boy who is 30 years old this year.”

Sathin, who is the younger brother of Kumar’s friend, went knocking on the comedian’s door after he had a falling out with his father.

He asked Kumar then if he could stay at the latter’s house for a few days.

Felt helpless when he was younger

Kumar agreed and shared that Sathin reminded him of his younger self.

He said in the interview with OGS that his late father was very strict with him.

His father later became an alcoholic after the marriage failed and took his anger out on Kumar and his siblings.

Kumar said that he felt helpless back then because no one helped him.

This spurred him to help Sathin and before they knew it “one night became 11 years”.

Targetted by accusations

Sathin said he sees Kumar as both his mother and father.

He was saying this in response to the accusations lobbed at him and Kumar, questioning the nature of their relationship and whether Kumar has touched him.

Kumar found this outrageous, saying that he is being targeted by these accusations because he is gay and added that he has cut off the friends who made these accusations.

“Just because we’re gay doesn’t mean that we will touch someone we are parenting differently,” he said.

Most important thing now to Kumar is family

Despite confessing that he hates kids and does not ever want to have them at the start of the OGS video, Kumar seems to have surprised himself.

He said at the end of the video, “I never dreamed of being a parent so I was very surprised that I can actually give someone so much love, you know?”

Kumar said the most important thing to him now is family.

Watch the video here: