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BASE Entertainment Asia

We love theatre. And we love what we do.

At BASE Entertainment Asia, we manage the beautiful Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands and bring the world’s best live theatrical performances and family entertainment to our stage. Every day, renowned shows from Broadway, Disney and more, take place in front of live audiences –mesmerizing crowds with outstanding music, breathtaking sets and magical stories.

The best part is, we get to be at the heart of it all.

Our team is dedicated to bringing the very best international productions to Singapore. Thanks to the strong relationships we’ve forged with the world’s most renowned producers, who trust us to bring their productions to life on stage.

We are part of BASE Entertainment, a leading name in live entertainment with offices in New York, Las Vegas, Houston, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Across the globe, our focus remains – we deliver world-class entertainment to fans of theatre, wherever we are.

It was only in the theatre that I lived.

Our Team

BASE Entertainment is an international team of talented personalities, sharing a common passion for theatre. We are dedicated to bringing the best musicals, Broadway shows and family entertainment to the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Individually, our team members are experts at their respective specialities, including finance, public relations, marketing and social media, creatives, memberships, bookings, corporate sales, business development, operations and productions. Collectively, we have the capacity to take on all theatre-related activities under one roof.

Chantal Prudhomme

Chief Executive Officer

Chantal heads up BASE Entertainment Asia, headquartered in Singapore. BASE Entertainment Asia has the exclusive management rights of the Sands Theatre at the Marina Bay Sands Resort. In addition to presenting a variety of productions in Singapore, BASE Asia is actively pursuing a variety of entertainment projects throughout the region.

Chantal has been part of the senior leadership team as the Head of Operations for BASE Entertainment Asia since 2011. She is an entertainment industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in managing and leading large scale entertainment projects around the world. Since 2011 she has been responsible for logistics and operations at BASE Entertainment Asia and worked on over 100 productions that have played at Singapore’s MasterCard Theatre’s at Marina Bay Sands.

These productions have varied across Broadway musicals such as WICKED, Phantom of the Opera, Disney’s The Lion King, Jersey Boys, Annie, The Sound of Music, to concerts featuring artistes such as James Blunt and Air Supply, to specialist shows such as Le Noir and Cesar Milan, to children’s shows including, Hi-5 and Disney Live, just to name a few.

Prior to BASE Entertainment, Chantal held a key role at Endemol Asia – the global content creator, producer and distributor of reality television programs – where she worked as the executive producer responsible for the localisation of well-known International reality shows such as Fear Factor, Big Brother and various other intellectual properties around the region.

From 2004, it was the music television entertainment giant MTV that brought Chantal to Japan and then 2 years later to Singapore as an Executive Producer and Vice President respectively. Chantal developed programming, creative and content, marketing and sales for MTV Asia with a focus on large scale live, on-ground and televised events around the Asian region. She was responsible for the creative development and logistics, as well as daily execution for televised events such as the MTV Asia Awards, Japan Awards, Australia and India Awards.

It was in New York that Chantal set up her first independent production company called Prudhomme Productions. The company specialised in talent management, live broadcasts, concerts, music videos and special events, as well as talent/artist relations responsible for the likes of the Lauryn Hill tours and Wyclef Jean tours across USA and Europe, and the Burt Bacharah Special in New York, among others.

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Katie Marsden

Vice President of

Business Development

Katie is a driving force for BASE Entertainment’s business development efforts in Singapore and the region. She brings two decades of experience with her across sales and development roles in both London and Singapore – managing live entertainment business development and marketing, corporate sales, hospitality and events.

Katie is a member of the senior leadership team and is a driving force for BASE Entertainment’s business development efforts. She manages new business initiatives and market potentials to grow BASE Entertainment in Singapore and the region.

She joined BASE Entertainment Asia in 2015 and was responsible for corporate sales, events and sponsorship management. In 2017, as the Vice President of Marcoms, Katie managed the marketing and communications strategy and teams across all the BASE Entertainment Asia’s shows, before rising to the role of Vice President of Business Development in 2019.

Prior to BASE Entertainment, Katie was the Head of Business and Marketing for Showbiz Asia. She was responsible for launching and managing Showbiz Asia, an online entertainment ticket packaging company in Singapore. Katie grew the Showbiz business for 5 years, before joining the team at BASE Entertainment Asia.

Katie graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Economics from The University of Manchester in the UK and has over a decade of experience across sales and business development roles – including roles at IPC Media, Hearst Magazines UK and Coors Brewery in London, before relocating to Singapore in 2007.

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Prita Sabrina Leenheer

Vice President of

Partnerships & Corporate Sales

Prita has the distinct advantage of bringing a wealth of international corporate management experience, considerable knowledge and exceptional expertise encompassing a broad range of skills. She understands and pursues advanced practices, and has an extensive network of professional contacts across varied industry areas on a global level.

Prita has a wealth of international corporate management experience to the team, as well as exceptional expertise across a broad range of skills.

Her working experience spans three continents with various multinational companies (MNCs) as their Head of Marketing. Prita has also been the Managing Director of a strategic marketing and communications agency in Europe. Her clients have come from a wide range of industries, including technology and consumer electronics, medical products, pharmaceuticals, real estate, boating, retail and fashion.

Prita has been responsible for various fund raisers and spearheaded product launches, events, and handled general marketing and branding across Europe. Earlier in her career, Prita worked for a decade with Virgin Atlantic and Harrods of London, designing four contemporary prêt-à-porter lines and knitwear for Harrods’ label, as well as her personal labels for Harrods.

Further, Prita has an excellent understanding of advanced practices, and has an extensive network of professional contacts across varied industries on a global level. Prita was the honorary head of communications of The Giving Back Foundation in Holland, and has been actively raising funds for initiatives such as the Aga Khan Charity in London and I-India, a charity that helps street children in India.

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Kris Neo

Senior Director of Finance

Kris has found a home in the live entertainment scene, and at BASE Entertainment. Before entering the industry in June 2014, she worked in various corporations in the fields of property development, management consultancy and training events. Prior to joining BASE Entertainment, Kris handled finance and human resource management roles with Terrapinn Financial Training events company, a UK-based multinational organisation, for 7 years. In 2015, She successfully carried out the migration of all finance and HR-related functions from BASE US to BASE Singapore, after TEG came on board.

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Shermaine Lim

Senior Director of Operations

Shermaine is an incredibly dedicated team leader who has made a name for herself in events and live entertainment industry for the past 15 years. She has excelled in this line, thanks to her intricate attention to detail and vast knowledge in production planning. Shermaine has an excellent track record in negotiating, planning and implementing regional events.

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Alvin Chan

Director of Marketing and Communications

Drawing from his passion for live entertainment and his years of regional and local marketing experience in various industries, Alvin oversees all of BASE Entertainment Asia’s marketing and communications efforts – from planning through to execution.

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Cissy Chen

Creative Director

Cissy oversees the conceptualisation and production of all creative visuals and marketing materials under the BASE Entertainment banner. She is passionate about art and design, graduating with a BA (Hons) degree in visual communication from Loughborough University in the UK. Cissy brings a depth of creative design expertise to the team, as her portfolio includes over a decade of work as a creative designer in reputed advertising agencies and design houses.

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Shirinderjit Kaur


Shirin manages corporate communication, media and public relations at BASE Entertainment Asia. She is well-equipped to handle the breadth and diversity of publicity efforts in place here, as her resume includes an impressive years of experience across journalism, public relations, and television and radio production. In university, Shirin specialised in mass communications and journalism.

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Edmund Chen

Finance Manager

Edmund is a pioneer at BASE Entertainment Asia and has contributed greatly to the company since our very beginning. His work ethic is second to none, as observed by his meticulousness and consistently prompt project deliveries. Edmund is a strong team player and currently looks after a variety of projects that are key to BASE Entertainment’s success. He graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Accounting and Financial Management.

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Alex Chen

Production Manager

With more than 10 years’ experience in technical production and project management, Alex has played key roles in executing expositions, corporate events, exhibitions, congresses and live shows. With his skillset, background and immaculate attention to detail, Alex truly understands the various facets of technical production. His knowledge of production, project workflows, budgets, time management, and his dedication to excellence, ensures the top-notch execution of productions – making him an invaluable member of every project team. Since joining BASE Entertainment, Alex has shifted his focus to specialise in theatrical productions.

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Shaun Lee

Digital Marketing Manager

Shaun started his journey in the entertainment industry as a ticketing casual at the age of 20. This opportunity kickstarted his passion for live entertainment. While pursuing his degree in Business Marketing in 2015, Shaun joined BASE Entertainment Asia. Over the years, he has handled various portfolios including Client Services, Social Media and Marketing. He now oversees Digital Marketing and focuses on curating quality social content for a wide range of entertainment products that resonate with the Southeast Asian market.

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Felicia Tan

Production Assistant

Felicia is BASE Entertainment Asia’s go-to person for anything and everything related to production – from a show’s pre-production to post-production. She is well-versed in wide variety of performance genres and is an integral member of the BASE Entertainment Asia team, working behind-the-scenes and making sure all operational matters are handled with efficiency, expertise and poise.

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Kelly Phua

Marketing Executive

Kelly handles the marketing and communications for shows presented by BASE Entertainment Asia. She combines her passion for the arts with experience in broadcast and journalism. She graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Communications Studies at WKWSCI, Nanyang Technological University.

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Timothy Yau

Marketing Executive

Tim works as a show owner for all BASE Entertainment Asia’s productions. He graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Communications – Advertising from RMIT in Melbourne. Tim plans BASE Entertainment Asia’s media spend and keeps the company’s audiences engaged, entertained and excited for upcoming productions.

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Felicia Peh

Executive Coordinator

Felicia assists BASE Entertainment Asia’s CEO and the marketing department in day-to-day operations, ensuring all projects are running smoothly and in-sync with one another. She excels at coordination and communication, and is an essential member of the BASE Entertainment team.

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Melanie Chang

Digital Marketing & Design Executive

Melanie holds a hybrid role in BASE Entertainment Asia, handling a dual portfolio of digital marketing and content design. Her flexibility and adaptability makes her ideal for the position, as does her background in Communications with Business studies, and her previous working experiences with advertising agencies in Singapore.

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Treat your clients, staff or students to an unforgettable evening at the Sands Theatre, made extra special by BasXclusive. BasXclusive customises exclusive experiences in conjunction with the show in season, so your guests can dive even deeper into their theatre experience.

Our group booking options are open for discussion. You may choose to indulge your corporate clients with Michelin-starred cuisine from resident celebrity restaurants at Marina Bay Sands, grant your social group VIP access to parts of the theatre, take your students on a special tour before the show, or simply secure discounted tickets for your group.

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