Pouncing into the whacky world of CATS

Meow! The dance of CATS begins this December.

The weirdly wonderful musical sensation that has made record breaking runs across the globe is pouncing into town this December. Some people love it, others are perplexed by it, but one thing is certain – CATS is a crowd-favourite classic and it is here to stay.

Delve with us into the whacky world of CATS in the Junkyard (the backdrop of the night) and see what we will experience this Christmas and New Year.

The Jellicle mystery 

Did you know the word ‘Jellicle’ is mentioned 138 times in the show? That is the important word of the musical.

What is a Jellicle Cat, and how do we spot one outside of the annual Jellicle Ball? Even the most seasoned fans of the show might not be entirely sure, whist Gus and Munkustrap enjoy pointing out that humans have no clue what a Jellicle Cat is!

There are clues within the lyrics these cats sing in the opening, so prick up your ears for their descriptions.

short, round, black and white cats who are active at night time, queen of the nights, singing at astronomical heights, feline, fearless, faithful & true, born blind but can see in the dark! They can also dive through the air, do double somersaults, bounce on a tire, run up a wall, swing through the trees, balance on bars and walk on a wire!

Lovely, cheeky, playful and confident – each cat is unique in their personality and quirks. Jellicle cats are brilliant dancers and the beautiful choreography of the show highlights the appeal of every individual cat and the Jellicle tribe.

Take your time during the show to fall in love again and figure the story of these cats!

Observe the furs, wigs and whiskers 

How long does it take to become a feline? We had a chat with the actors who revealed that the average time for an actor to apply their make up is 60 minutes. They put their eyes, nose, lips, and especially the whiskers on, with some down to their necks, talk about detail!

This does not include their wigs and costumes yet – of which this production uses 116 (wigs) and 226 (costumes) for every performance. It is not a surprise that the cats look stunning on stage. Behind the scenes, the wig mistress tenderly dresses every wig daily before they get on the actors’ heads (lots of brushing of hair is involved.) Over at the wardrobe department, special care is given to paint the shoes (every single day), which help to blend with rest of the costume.


Spot each Cat around the stage

From Victoria’s delicate poise to Rum Tum Tugger’s mesmerising hips to Mr Mistoffeeles magical treats – there’s something to recognise and learn about every member of the Jellicle tribe. No two cats are the same, as one soon discovers in the songs they sing about themselves.

There are many more mentioned in The Naming of the Cats. Can you figure out who Bill Bailey, Carbucketty, Coricopat and Tantomile are? Can you spot any of them?

Here’s a small hint: some are kittens who lurk closer to the front, and some are always seen together. Some grow older during the show too!

A huge part of enjoying the show is to spot different cats around the Junkyard throughout the night! We will not spoil the fun too early.

Rejoice, for you are in good company. More than 81 million worldwide have felt the fervour of CATS. We are restless with excitement to experience it next month from December 17th !

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