HoneyKids Tries: Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show – 7 reasons to catch the show in Singapore

Calling all Shaun the Sheep fans! Gather the flock and hit up this show with the herd, because your favourite animal farm folks are dropping by town to give you a show you don’t want to miss!

Shaun the Sheep Circus Show

If you and the fam are fans of the popular children’s TV show Shaun the Sheep, then get this – our sheep pal and his friends have been pretty busy since their screen debut in Wallace and Gromit, chalking out a plan our little friends will love. We are talking about a one-of-a-kind on-stage showcase ready to set the Sands stage on fire. This blend of circus act and theatre will keep the littlies well entertained and on the edge of their seats through the acts.

We got the chance to have a sneak peek of the opening night to catch this off-screen spectacle – here’s what’s in store…


1. Shaun The Sheep brought to life for the very first time

Shaun the Sheep Circus Show

Finally, our friendly fluff tail and friends jump off the screen to entertain us in person to give us one hell of a wild time, courtesy of internationally-acclaimed Australian circus ensemble, Circa, and Academy Award-winning studio, Aardman. If you are racking your brains on how the animals will concoct their mischievous plans to mock the farmer on stage – rest assured, you can look forward to plenty of that through the course of the show.

2. The best of theatre and circus all on one stage

Shaun the Sheep Circus Show

Is it a theatre show? Nope. Is it a circus performance? Nah! Drumroll…it’s a little bit of both! The acts blur the lines between movement, dance, theatre and circus – all at once! Expect to witness plenty of circus acts while also following a storyline simultaneously. In our view, this defo makes the show more interesting to follow.

3. Catch some crazy daredevil stunts

Shaun the Sheep Circus Show

Ever thought a lazy farm bunch could hang about off a trapeze or just walk up a pole like gravity was nothing? Yep, this un-baaa-lievable crew makes it happen with some pretty awesome daredevil-ish acrobatics and vibrant circus skills to boast too. Expect to see sheep being chucked about like cannonballs, tons of somersaults off the most unexpected objects, and even catch sight of your first sheep towers too. And yes, in this show, pigs can most definitely fly! You got to see it to believe it!

4. Tons of humour to have you rolling on the floor

Shaun the Sheep Circus Show

Aardman’s wit and hilarity come through in each and every act, with a bunch of farm animals running havoc through entertaining plots whilst making a mockery of themselves all at the same time. Don’t be surprised to find the littlies tickled pink by the end of it! The intermission comes at the right time for you and the fam to catch your breath before the parade begins again. And brace yourselves; it only gets better with each passing act!

5. Lean into some pretty clever plots

Shaun the Sheep Circus Show

Don’t be fooled by this bunch of farm animals because they possess the brain calibre of humans. And it comes out in the plots they chalk out for the farmer, postman, and maybe the short-tempered bull. Catch scenes like Bitzer (the farm dog) on a postman chase for mail and the barn tribe trying to produce entertaining scenes on camera for the farmer to watch on TV. The kids will have a great time catching the farm bunch in action as they navigate through science-inspired experiments in each act. Yep, we are talking about some electricity thrown here and there and even a play of balance. Forget gravity – it just doesn’t exist in this showcase!

6. On-screen projections and more

Shaun the Sheep Circus Show

Besides the action-packed acts on stage, other elements also add to the fun showcase. Think on-screen projections of plots chalked out by Bitzer, the farmer’s tryst with his new video game and more. Shaun and his crew also add to the off-screen experience and aint sheepish enough to get into the crowd for some fun interaction. Kiddos will be happy!

7. Plenty of animal talk

Shaun the Sheep Circus Show

The show may be Kiwi-inspired, but guess what? You don’t need to speak English, Mandarin, or any other language to enjoy this. As long as you can decipher between animal sounds, you are all good to go!


  • Catch a hearty bite before the show commences.
  • If you haven’t planned any pre-show meal time, fret not, there is a food stall just at the theatre where you can grab a bite during the 20 mins intermission break. There are Shaun the Sheep-inspired delectables to try that the kiddos will enjoy too.
  • Bring a jacket along. It might get a little chilly for the little ‘uns.
  • Don’t forget to grab a booster seat for the kids. It will make the whole experience more enjoyable for them – they are available at the theatre entrance.
  • Have heavy bags from your shopping spree at the Sands Mall? Drop them off at the Sands Theatre baggage drop-off counter and stretch your legs for a stress-free time at the show.
  • Keep an eye out for the merch station with some pretty cool things our sheep fans would love.


Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show, 95 minutes (with 20 mins intermission), Sands Theatre, 10-21 May 2023.